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An average lead costs over $300 to acquire and less than half of those leads become customers, costing your company thousands of dollars. Stop wasting money on leads that don’t sell because no one ever follows up with them!

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Once you’ve calculated and discovered the game-changing additional revenue you could making with Rehash Leads, schedule a one-on-one demo with one of our specialists. A few minutes with us and you will see:

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  • examples of how your CSRs, Advisors, Sales, and Technicians can all use Rehash Leads to increase sales

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LIVE with Weldon Long, NYT Best-Selling Author & Residential HVAC Selling Expert

What we will talk about:

  • 4 critical conversations that contractors have with homeowners
  • How these critical conversations affect profitability
  • How to deliver high quality, profitable conversations consistently to homeowners